One of Turkey's infamous "robocop" riot police while crossing Taksim Square.   June 13, 2013  
 An overturned and destroyed media van sits next to one of its replacements.   June 13, 2013
 A bulldozer clears one of the protesters' barricades after Taksim Square is cleared by police.   June 13, 2013
 A line of police is surrounded by protesters just minutes before all hell breaks loose in Taksim Square.   July 13, 2013
 A protester returns a canister of tear gas in Taksim Square.   July 13, 2013.
 Protesters equipped with gas masks hand out mixtures of lemon and milk, a remedy for the effects of tear gas.   July 13, 2013
 A city bus, destroyed by protesters, becomes a temporary respite from the summer sun.   July 13, 2013
 The interior of a ruined public bus, used as shelter for protesters.   July 13, 2013
 Protesters armed with slingshots approach the rear of a TOMA riot tank.
 An elderly man, under fire from police, climbs onto the rear of a TOMA riot tank.
 A protester armed with a slingshot fires stones at riot police opposite the square.
 Protesters hurl rocks from behind the cover of a graffitied structure as a TOMA riot tank patrols in the distance. 
 Militant protesters don red masks to protect their identity while crowds flee tear gas in Taksim Square.
 Flags for banned and outlawed political parties rise above a cloud of tear gas in Taksim Square.
 Protesters hide rocks used as weapons from police as they approach a TOMA riot tank.
 A broken bit of fencing bears the mark of the  carsi , Besiktas' football ultras.
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