Archival Material & Sound Pictures

Hunting for ancient radio in the dark corners of the internet is arguably my favourite aspect of production. I'm a firm believer in juxtaposing the old and the new. This clip is from the podcast series Discuss. Produced using Adobe Audition.


While working at campus radio station CKDU, I produced several promotional spots that made deliberate use of "aged" audio and remixed music. Produced using Hindenburg.

Audio Cleaning

Begun as a video podcast, Canada, Who Cares? often featured interviews recorded on subpar audio equipment like DSLR cameras. As part of my work as producer, I regularly scrubbed this audio to make it more suitable for a podcasting format. Produced using Audacity.

Audiograms, Video Editing & Coding

Data shows video performs significantly better than text on social media, and far better than audio only. In 2016, WNYC produced Audiogram, simple software for turning audio into intriguing video for social media.

I'm currently experimenting with pairing its output with video effects and short, promotional films. I regularly produce social media video for With Good Reason using the imperfect programs of iMovie & Audiogram. Just imagine what I could do with a real video editor!

I can code in CSS/HTML, Javascript, and Flash.

Graphic Design

I'm most comfortable on GIMP, but I can use a variety of image editing software. As part of my work with With Good Reason, I am regularly called upon to design album art and images accompanying text posts on the website. In the past, I've designed logos, album art, and social media posts for charity campaigns, research groups, podcasts and businesses. I also dabble in photography. Take a look at my work below.