Bianet reports "excessive police force" used on Besiktas fans

Third such incident of excessive force in as many weeks. Istanbul has seen a litany of police deployments in recent days to deal with civil unrest, beginning with the May Day disturbances at Taksim Square. Gas and water cannons have been used not only at May Day but on protesters at Istanbul's courthouse and yesterday on fans of Istanbul's Besiktaspor football club .

Bianet reported recently the case of one man who ended up with "brain damage" after taking a gas canister at close range. He said the shot was intentional.

As always with Bianet, the translation is possibly misleading when reporting "gun fire in the air". Tying the brutality of the police reaction to Erdogan's speech nearby may also be a bit of a stretch, but given the media censorship in Turkey it's not surprising that no one else has made the connection.

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