War in Besiktas

I'm watching Halk TV in a bar in Yeni Levent tonight, cut off from the protests that have seized most of Besiktas, Istanbul's most dense urban district surrounding Taksim Square. This map, produced by protesters, gives a good idea of the spread of the protests -- as thousands tried to retake Taksim and Gezi, police head them off in the adjacent streets. Exclamation points indicate a police presence -- near Taksim, rubber bullets and water cannons have been used. Houses indicate buildings offering sanctuary and medical care to protesters. In Ankara, protests have escalated, with violence against police in Kizilay and Kugulu Square. Police appear to be deploying in a manner similar to previous weeks, which have seen scattered clashes with a few protesters and police and indiscriminate gassing.

Throngs continue to circulate around Taksim, encountering police aggression along the way.

A short update, with more to come tomorrow. My internet access has failed at the worst time, unfortunately.