Saturday Links: September 2



The Premium Mediocre Life of Maya Millenial - Ribbonfarm

A rewriting of the American class system:

"...The demographic at the very heart of the phenomenon, the sine qua non of premium mediocrity, is the young, gentrifier class of Blue Bicoastal Millennials. The rent-over-own, everything-as-a-service class of precarious young professionals auditioning for a shot at the neourban American dream, sans condo ownership somewhere at a reasonable distance from both the nearest meth lab and minority ghetto." 


The First Modern Apartment Complex in Toronto - Spacing


Deciphering the Taliban - Stratfor Worldview

How Afghanistan's staggering diversity and local dynamics will undo America's latest effort.


Trump Already Has a Wall. It's the Thin Blue Line - The New Republic

Why working class police aren't down with the labour movement.


In Chat Rooms, Unite the Right Organizers Planned To Obscure Their Racism


The Princess Myth - The Guardian

Hilary Mantel dissects the mythical charms of Diana:

"Her death released subterranean doubts and fear. Even those who scorn conspiracy theories asked, what exactly is an accident? Why, on the last night of her life, did Diana go below ground to reach her destination? She need not have gone that way. But she didn’t choose – she was driven. Her gods wanted her: she had been out too late."


A Controversial Restoration That Wipes Away The Past - New York Times

The Black Madonna becomes the White Madonna.


Tenants Under Seige: Inside New York City's Housing Crisis - New York Review of Books

Astonishing stories from the tenancy struggles of New York:

"The aggressive entry of hypercapitalized investors into the working- and lower-middle-class real estate market has struck Central Brooklyn—and the South Bronx, and East Harlem, and Washington Heights, and practically every New York neighborhood with a concentration of rent-stabilized buildings—like a thunderclap in the span of just a few years. They are a new type of owner in the outer boroughs, ones who can afford patient, relentless eviction proceedings and tenant buyouts in a way that most previous owners, who were often individual slumlords working with a different set of profit margins, could not."