In the fall of 2016, I began work at the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities, producing a show called With Good Reason.

When I arrived, With Good Reason's producers expressed an interest in transitioning from the traditional, terrestrial format of the show to a more digital-friendly format. In response, I developed a three-phase process to transition from terrestrial- to digitally-focused while maintaining and expanding our listenership along the way.

After six months, we had completed much of Phase 1, growing our subscriber base by 40%.

Phase 1

✔️ Establish a regular digital distribution and promotion schedule
✔️ Expand and enhance text posts and social media output
✔️ Experiment in short form audio to enhance our distribution

Phase 2

Rebrand website
Collaborate with existing podcasts on producing, distributing and promoting shared segments
Refocus the magazine format on consistent themes and segments

Phase 3

Introduce new voices bringing diverse perspectives to dedicated segments
Focus on national guests and funding sources
Develop live events and community partnerships


Short-Form Audio

New technologies, like 60db, NPR One, RadioPublic, and Amazon Elexa, are prioritizing short-form content over longer, multi-segment pieces. As part of an initiative to increase the segmentation of our output, I am repackaging our weekly spindowns for NPR hourly news broadcasts as short-form podcast extras, placing an emphasis on personability, storytelling and high production values.

Here are a few samples of that work:


"Like A Breath Of Fresh Air"

Condensed from an interview on the dangers of methol cigarettes, this piece was accompanied by a video for social media and a companion feature on the website.


This reported feature condensed interviews with two scholars and a local guide and made heavy use of sound design and music. It was originally produced to open a show on religion and politics, but was also separately released as a standalone bonus.


For the opening of a show on animal and human communication, I produced a short documentary piece on one woman's initiative to introduce apiaries to community gardens. The piece was accompanied by social media video and a companion feature.


Social Media Video

I am currently experimenting with WNYC's Audiogram technology and Facebook Video as a means of driving increased traffic to our website. Additionally, I am increasing our level of partnership with other pages connected to our output (i.e., universities, foundations, and scholarly organizations).